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Rad Nais a preferred noodle dish which you can order at many Thai eating places. Cred…

Rad Na😋is a well-liked noodle dish which you can order at many Thai eating places.
Credit score woon.heng
It is sometimes constructed from flat rice noodles and served with a thick, barely candy gravy constructed from fermented bean paste, taucu. After I first tried this noodle dish, it jogged my memory of wat tan hor (Cantonese-style flat rice noodles) from Malaysia. They each function the identical silky noodles and slurpable gravy, however wat tan hor is on the saltier aspect and normally has eggs within the gravy. This dish can be referred to as Lard na in Laos⁣
I created a vegan model and the recipe is now reside Meals52 web site⁣ 🤩🙏🏼

The right way to discover this recipe:⁣
– Meals52 web site⁣😍
– search rad na on⁣💗
– go to my YouTube channel (WoonHeng) 🎥to observe the entire course of⁣

Cooking notes:⁣
– I used selfmade flat rice noodles just like my Chee Cheong Enjoyable. ⁣
– Coating the noodles with sauce first earlier than pan-frying provides the noodles a good colour.⁣
– Sure, you possibly can sub with gluten-free sauces if wanted⁣
– Taucu – I am utilizing the identical model (Grasp) that I used for my Zha Jiang Mian – test my weblog for pic⁣
– I used veggie inventory and never broth. If you cannot discover veggie inventory, you possibly can combine the specified mushrooms seasoning or umami seasoning with water to create a easy fast inventory. Or please test spotlight on how I make veggie inventory. ⁣
– The condiment proven is an easy chopped Thai chile with vegan fish sauce (nước mắm Chay)⁣

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