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Finest practices to get water options and ponds prepared for falling temperatures

Todd Cruikshank of The Pond & Rock Shop says winterization is a great time to perform renovations on water features. (Photo: Todd Cruikshank)

Todd Cruikshank of The Pond & Rock Store says winterization is a superb time to carry out renovations on
water options. (Picture: Todd Cruikshank)

As temperatures drop for components of the nation, the clock ticks away for water options and pond winterization. Specialists share why it’s necessary to winterize ponds and water options and what professionals ought to bear in mind throughout this time of yr.

Todd Cruikshank, proprietor of The Pond & Rock Shop in Cicero, N.Y., says something with an exterior pump, whether or not it’s a water characteristic or pond, is vulnerable to freezing. He suggests contractors start the winterizing course of by speaking with shoppers.

“It’s a possibility for schooling from the contractor to go over why they shut down the techniques,” he says.

The 411 on ponds

Brandt Reynolds, gross sales consultant with Blue Thumb Distributing, suggests professionals ought to contemplate netting ponds, water options and fountains in early fall to maintain leaves from contaminating the pond or water characteristic. Reynolds recommends contractors take away the netting earlier than the snow falls so the load of the snow doesn’t harm the netting. Reynolds additionally suggests contractors use chilly water micro organism when the water temperature hits 35 to 55 levels F.

Cruikshank says contractors will wish to deploy an aerator and a deicer if there are fish within the pond.

“The aerator will create oxygen within the water, which can permit the fish to thrive,” he says. “The deicer will type of do the identical factor by having the water stay open in a small space, which can permit the oxygen to movement.”

The 411 on water options

Reynolds says contractors ought to carry vase fountains inside and retailer them in a dry place, though you may cowl and depart glass fiber-reinforced concrete fountains exterior.

Water basins are additionally OK to depart exterior within the winter and must be stored about half stuffed with water to maintain them in place as temperatures drop, Reynolds says.

“We consider our basin as a giant ice dice tray throughout the winter,” he says. “We wish to be sure that water is in there to overwhelm the basin in order that it doesn’t get pushed up with the freeze-thaw intervals.”

Winterizing greatest practices

Reynolds says contractors ought to retailer submersible pumps in a 5-gallon bucket with water in a spot within the store that received’t freeze. This further step, he says, will lengthen the lifetime of the seals on the pump. In the meantime, contractors ought to retailer non-submersible pumps in a dry place that received’t freeze.

As contractors take away pumps and another water characteristic components, Cruikshank says it’s essential to label every thing so it’s simpler within the spring to reinstall them.

Cruikshank and Reynolds say contractors ought to maintain useful basic instruments akin to wrenches, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, channel locks, pliers and an air compressor. Reynolds additionally suggests contractors maintain waterproof gloves and waders available as a result of fittings might be sharp in colder water temperatures, particularly when servicing ponds.

“Relying upon what they’re engaged on, the pump could also be down within the backside of the pond if it’s not in a skimmer, so having these waders would assist maintain them excessive and dry,” he says.

Reynolds additionally retains plastic purchasing luggage in his truck in case he must cowl and defend one thing late within the season.

Alternatives abound

Cruikshank says winterizing is a superb time for contractors to take an in depth have a look at a water characteristic or pond, change filters and see if something inside the system wants servicing, is out of guarantee or wants upgrading.









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