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Char Siu Wonton Meeor extra generally often called Kon Lou Wantan Mee in Malaysia … …

Char Siu Wonton Mee😋or extra generally often called Kon Lou Wantan Mee in Malaysia🔥

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In Malaysia, there are two most important methods to order wonton noodles; one in clear soup much like Hong Kong styled and the second is a dry model. The latter is usually served with char siu, boiled or fried wontons, blanched greens, and paired with a pickled chile condiment. ⁣
Since most of you at the moment are specialists👏🏼 in making the char siu and wontons, now you can take pleasure in one other beautiful meal with noodles. ⁣

Try the recipe with video on her weblog:⁣
or go to her YouTube channel 🎥to observe the entire video.⁣

Cooking notes:⁣
– This recipe makes use of the identical char siu and wontons that I’ve shared a few weeks in the past⁣
– Most kon lou wantan mee has about 3-Four wontons, however you’ll be able to at all times add extra to your likings⁣
– I used contemporary noodles made with a little bit kansui and I like to rinse them in chilly water then again into sizzling water to create that springy texture⁣
– It is extremely really helpful to make the noodles in 1 serving so you’ll be able to simply toss it with the ready sauce.⁣
– The most typical greens is yu choy or choy sum however you need to use different inexperienced leafy veggies⁣

Hope you take pleasure in this meal as a lot as we do. ♥️

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