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1& or 2& Which one would you decide? Each 1& ROASTED POTATOES The final word reci…

1️⃣ or 2️⃣? Which one would you decide?👇
Each fitgreemind

1️⃣ ROASTED POTATOES 🥔 The final word recipe…👀

Identify a greater aspect dish than roasted potatoes, I‘ll wait…😌
I promise you, these are the right roasted potatoes: crispy on the skin, comfortable on the within with a contact of garlic and Rosemary! 😋
BTW the baking soda helps making the potatoes brown evenly and crispier. 🙌

RECIPE (Three servings every 278cal/4P/39C/10F):
PREHEAT an oiled baking tray at 230C/450F
-750g potatoes, lower in massive chunks
BOIL in 2L water with 1 Tsp every salt and baking soda for 6mins
-a handful Rosemary
-two smashed cloves garlic
-salt and pepper to style
TRANSFER drained potatoes to the baking tray/ADD a bit extra oil, garlic and Rosemary/ROAST for 30-40minutes/FINISH with salt and pepper.

2️⃣ CRISPY BRUSSEL SPROUTS 😍 Even my brother likes this recipe…😼

It’s brussel sprout season and I do know many individuals don’t prefer it BUT you must do this recipe! 👏
The brussel sprouts are baked till tremendous crispy, then coated in a candy and spicy sauce, an actual glow up for this little vegetable. ✨😉

RECIPE (Three servings every 375cal/15P/67C/1F)
-600g brussel sprouts
CUT IN an “x”/BLANCH in salted boiling water for 5mins
-1 cup (130g) flour
-1 cup (250ml) plant milk
-1 cup (100g) breadcrumbs
DIP the brussel sprouts within the batter/COAT with breadcrumbs/BAKE at 180C/360F for 25minutes
-1 Tbsp every sriracha and soy sauce
-Three Tbsp agave
-1/2 Tbsp every ginger and garlic powder
MIX/DRIZZLE OVER the baked brussel sprouts

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